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10 April 2007 @ 05:53 pm
Scene Bible.  
Welcome to the Scene Bible Community. Here you can find make up tips, information about daily skin/body care, details how to get kick-ass tickets to gigs, what T-Shirt you should buy, what albums are worth their price, what movie should you see, what's the best food you can eat etc. etc.

Basically this community is about everything - everything that's connected to scene.
If you like it - join it. If you don't - get some milk.. xD It was created to help people. Save their lives by giving them advices and answers to all questions... okay not all but most of them.

The Scene Bible is the truth. And we're not brainwashing you. Everyone can read it. Say "yes" and the bible will help you understand the world and it will always be the sacred light in your path of life.

Thank you xoxoxo

Have A Nice Day!