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22 April 2007 @ 10:31 am
April: Top 3 Albums  

"Year Zero" by Nine Inch Nails


Arguably, Trent Reznor [[vocals]] has always written amazing albums. Fom "Pretty Hate Machine" trough "With Teeth", NIN's wild creation has usually spinned around the falseness of the heart. "Year Zero", however, is more about the falseness of power and the negative reaction that follows. Set 15 years from now, the world is ruined as it spirals into social, ecological and spiritual breakdown. "Year Zero" has two roles as the voice of both the depression and the depressed. Are we doomed to fail? Or can we turn the tide and rise up agains madness? Either way it's good news for us as we're left facing a clear wall of madness, claustrophobia, paranoia, overdose and abuse - all ingriedents for a great NIN album. "Survivalism" and "God Given" are instant classics, the later replete with the most sarcastic "C'mon... Sing along... All together now..." you will ever hear. "Hyperpower!", "Vessel" and "The Great Destroyer" reveal the most chaotic sound NIN have handled since "Broken", and as the endless decay of "Another Version Of The Truth" erases reality to dust, it's left "Zero Sum" to provide album's one moment of potential salvation.

Realesed: 13th April 2007 Europe; 14th Australia; 16th UK; 17th US; 25th Japan;
Price: $9.99
Track Listing:
1."Hyperpower!" – 1:42
2."The Beginning of the End" – 2:47
3."Survivalism" – 4:23
4."The Good Soldier" – 3:23
5."Vessel" – 4:52
6."Me, I'm Not" – 4:51
7."Capital G" – 3:50
8."My Violent Heart" – 4:13
9."The Warning" – 3:38
10."God Given" – 3:50
11."Meet Your Master" – 4:08
12."The Greater Good" – 4:52
13."The Great Destroyer" – 3:17
14"Another Version of the Truth" – 4:09
15."In This Twilight" – 3:33
16."Zero-Sum" – 6:14

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism

"Santi" by The Acedemy Is...
"The Death Of Nightlife" by Help She Can't Swim
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"Santi" by The Academy Is...
[[fueled by ramen]]

With William's looks and Carden's hooks, the second album for The Academy Is... should be awesome, right? Couple of singles are equal to a couple of million records. Easy. Well, it was going to be until the band turned in "Santi". The compressed and clean sound of their debut has been replaced by earthy, fuzzy, and messy tones that nod to the stylistic influence of The Clash, The Police, and many other of the band's heroes. Tracks like "Slepping With Giants (Lifetime)" and "Same Blood" sound like analog recordings, as the warmth of instrumentalion imperfection breathes life into a band so clearly at a career crossroads. Management will be pissed, kids will be confused, The Academy Is... should be proud.

Realeased: 2nd April 2007 UK; 3rd US;
Price: $12.00
Track Listing:
1."Same Blood" - 3:14
2."LAX to O'Hare" – 3:36
3."We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands" – 3:26
4."Sleeping with Giants (Lifetime)" - 3:36
5."Everything We Had" - 3:38
6."Bulls in Brooklyn" - 3:27
7."Neighbors" - 3:10
8."Seed" - 4:17
9."Chop Chop" - 3:26
10."You Might Have Noticed" - 3:22
11."Unexpected Places" - 4:15
Best Buy bonus tracks:
12."Ghost" - 3:51
13."Everything We Had (One Take Acoustic Mix)" - 4:11
iTunes bonus tracks:
14."Toasted Skin" - 3:55
15."40 Steps" - 4:29

Santi cover

The Academy Is... - We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands

"The Death Of Nightlife" by Help She Can't Swim
[[Fantastic Plastic]]

Following in the footsteps of dynamic debut "Fashionista Super Dance Troupe", hardcore pop quartet Help She Can't Swim have predictably produced a furiously energetic pop explosion of a second-year release. Less predictable, however, is the emotional and technical progresssion that supports this album, adding a level of maturity and musical density. The first single to be taken from this full-length, "Hosptial Drama", is an excellent example of their cleaner, more confident sound, being more experimental both lyrically and musically while still keeping their style intensity and beat-driven synth-rock sound. With sharper, more skillful production and unexpected touching lo-fi turns, this is a great record that at the same time pushes the band's bundaries while maintaning their hard earned unity.

Released: 7th May 2007
Price: $36.49
Track Listing: -

The Death of Nightlife

Help She Can't Swim - Hospital Drama
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